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  • Louis Venters

“There Are 100 Women in Congress for the First Time Ever”... And There Is Still a LOT of Work to Do!

This morning, the first after the 2014 elections, I noticed this arresting headline: "There Are 100 Women in Congress for the First Time Ever." Well, it's about time, nearly a century after women's suffrage became universal (officially, at least, since non-white women were still largely excluded for another half-century) with passage of the 19th Amendment!

There are currently 535 members of Congress, and 100 of them are women. As the article notes, the trend has clearly been upward, particularly since the 1980s. But let's be honest: this is still a pretty embarrassing percentage. An additional 250 women or so in Congress, with similar parity in state legislatures--not to mention other branches of government at the local, state, and federal levels--and the U.S. will finally be able to hold its head high in the arena of women's full participation in governance.

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