Inspiration in Unlikely Places

"People think it's about...a lot of competition.... I've found that the way it really works is by creating a spot where everybody can come and help facilitate each other's growth."


Facebook is an amazing, sometimes vexing, often mysterious place. Today, because I'm friends with my wife's uncle, a State Farm agent in Ohio who likes the State Farm Facebook page, I happened to see in my newsfeed a video about Andy Grammer, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who is a member of the Baha'i Faith and with whom I have a number of friends in common, produced by State Farm as part of its "Neighborhood Sessions" marketing campaign. My kids, and the other kids at their school, bop to his father's really fabulous music for children. Now lots more people are getting to know Andy for catchy pop music that's uplifting--and more recently, so I hear, for really tearing up the floor on Dancing with the Stars.


In the copy on State Farm's website and the content of the two videos, what makes Andy Grammer stand out as much as his beautiful music is his good heart, and a moral compass that is clear but attractive, not overbearing. In an industry that is, shall we way, not exactly lauded for the uprightness, integrity, and humility of its people, here is a young artist who views his craft as a service to others and who goes out of his way to create community--and is becoming rather well known for it.


While we need few reminders that we live in a pretty deranged world, it's encouraging to see examples of people who persevere in doing right--and little by little, perhaps, help to change habits of thought and behavior in even the most toxic environments.

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