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My Interview at Baha'i Blog

Check out this interview I did with Baha'i Blog, a great site that provides high-quality, thoughtful content for Baha'is and their friends worldwide, about my new book, A History of the Baha'i Faith in South Carolina, which was just published at the end of February. The interview was posted over the weekend, and I'm happy to share it now.

This conversation was made all the more enjoyable because my interviewer was my friend Sonjel Vreeland. Today she lives on Prince Edward Island where she's originally from, but when we first met--twenty-five years ago!--she was living with her family in Cotonou, Benin, and I was doing a year of service to the Baha'i community next door in Togo. It was a real pleasure to reconnect with her after so long!

In the interview we talk about the origins of the book, the process of putting it together over the course of five years (especially the selection of the 70+ historic images that tell so much of the story), and my hopes for what readers will take away from it.


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