Much of my sensibility as a scholar—attention to race, religion, and social change, to the natural and built environments, and to individual and community capacity-building—is reflected in my teaching at Francis Marion University, whether of introductory or upper-level courses.


For several years I have been retooling my courses to focus on assisting students to develop their skills of reading comprehension, analysis, and expression. I have developed book-length study guides that promote close reading of the principal text as well as carefully selected primary historical documents. The result is a seminar-style classroom experience with a high level of student engagement.

Louis Venters boat Nile Egypt
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HIST 370

A brief introduction to the history of a vast continent, from hominid evolution to the present, with emphasis on regional diversity and African agency. 

Louis Venters sharecropping South map
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Black Americans

HIST 311

An introduction to African American history from the Middle Passage to the Obama presidency, with special attention to regional diversity and social and cultural history. 

Louis Venters Hemingway Williamsburg water tower
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New South, 1865-

HIST 345

The southern U.S. since the end of the Civil War, with particular attention to the region’s social and cultural history and the long civil rights movement.

Louis Venters Richard Samuel Roberts Columbia black woman
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U.S. since 1877

HIST 202

The second half of the U.S. history survey course, with emphasis on the black freedom struggle, the environment, and America in the world.

Louis Venters Kingstree Williamsburg reenactors
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South Carolina 

HIST 316

The state’s history from the Mississippian civilization to the present, with emphasis on economy, race relations in slavery and freedom, and the built environment.


Louis Venters "chattel house" Barbados
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HIST 487

An opportunity for advanced students to acquire practical work experience in research, exhibit design, historic preservation, or other related projects in a public or private agency. 

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