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  • Louis Venters

A New Way to Get No Jim Crow Church!

I'm delighted to announce that, the online distributor for the Baha'i Publishing Trust in the United States, is now carrying my book, No Jim Crow Church: The Origins of South Carolina's Baha'i Community, published in 2015 by the University Press of Florida. They have it in paperback for $27.95, same as the price directly from the publisher.

What a privilege to be in such distinguished company!

If you don't have your copy yet or you know someone else who needs one, please consider ordering through

And my warmest thanks to all those who have purchased a copy already! I don't have up-to-date numbers for total purchases, but a quick search of shows that No Jim Crow Church is available in more than 800 university libraries around the world--including a number of countries where apparently it's easier to be a Baha'i book than it is to be an actual Baha'i!

I'm deeply gratified by the response to my scholarship, whether in the form of book sales, author events in several parts of the country, the many positive emails I've received, press coverage, or the excellent reviews that have appeared in scholarly journals. It has been a labor of love, and to see that people appreciate having access to these stories makes it all worth it!

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