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UPCOMING: Historic Preservation on Public Radio in South Carolina

On Friday, January 9th at 12:00 noon or Sunday, January 11th at 4:00 pm, be sure to listen to an interview on South Carolina’s public radio network with Michael Bedenbaugh, Executive Director of the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation, on the weekly history and culture program Walter Edgar’s Journal. Or if you can’t listen the old-fashioned way, find it here.

The interview explains with depth and clarity how the Palmetto Trust works with local communities throughout South Carolina to rescue and rehabilitate, in ways relevant to that local community, the special endangered places which hold stories, history, and perspective for its people. They discuss some of the Palmetto Trust's recent victories, including the dramatic moving of the Wilkins House in Greenville and, at the other end of the state, the progress of the Daufuskie Endangered Places Program.


As a public history professional and member of the State Board of Review for the National Register of Historic Places, I’ve been privileged to work with Mike and his excellent organization for some time. He has also been kind enough to serve as a guest speaker, more than once, in my course on South Carolina History--part of our ongoing, collective efforts to raise the awareness of rising generations of South Carolinians about issues surrounding historic preservation and community development. His passion for his work is infectious, so this should be a great interview!

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