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  • Louis Venters

Jim Crow and American Protestantism: My Latest Piece for the Good Men Project

I'm pleased to share my latest piece for the Good Men Project, entitled "Jim Crow Is Still America's National Religion...But It Doesn't Have to Be." It's a version of a talk I gave last month at the Florence County Library, slightly expanded and revised for a national audience.

(That event, very well attended by a diverse audience, received excellent coverage in the local media.)

Those comments and the completed essay were my assessment of the conservative media reaction to President Obama's speech earlier in February at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. As the firestorm indicated, a half-century after the formal dissolution of the Jim Crow order not only is America's religious practice still largely racially segregated, but the spiritual exclusion of black people--from the body of Christ and the American body politic--persists.

Please give it a look, and feel free to comment and share!

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